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Who is a good candidate for aesthetic treatments?

Good candidates for aesthetic treatments are typically in good overall health, have realistic expectations, and are seeking to improve specific aspects of their appearance.

How long do the results of aesthetic treatments typically last?

The duration of results varies by treatment type. Some non-surgical treatments offer temporary improvements that may last several months to a year. It’s important to have a good daily regimen to get the most out of your treatment. Remember, time keeps on going as we get “further away from our birth date”!

Is there downtime after aesthetic treatments?

The advantage to non-surgical procedures is that they have minimal to downtime. There are important initial post-treatment instructions. Dr. Lessig will advise you on what to expect.

Are aesthetic treatments painful?

Most treatments are not painful. Discomfort levels also depend on the individual and specific treatment. Dr. Lessig does everything to ensure your comfort!

What are the potential risks and side effects of aesthetic treatments?

Risks and side effects vary depending on the specific treatment. They can include swelling, bruising, infection, scarring, and in very rare cases, more serious complications. Dr. Lessig will discuss these in detail during the consultation and advise accordingly.

How much do aesthetic treatments cost?

Costs vary widely depending on the type of treatment and product used. There are several options for payment such as “pay as you go”. A consultation is necessary to obtain accurate pricing information and is always complimentary! You will always receive bonus treatments!

Why should I choose Dr. Lessig for my aesthetic treatments?

It’s crucial to choose an experienced practitioner who specializes in the specific treatment you’re interested in. Dr. Lessig has over 35 years in dental/surgical experience and 20 years in facial esthetics services. She has given over a half million injections and countless precision-based procedures. An avid studier of human anatomy, Dr. Lessig has the skill and knowledge you can trust!

Can aesthetic treatments be combined or customized for a personalized plan?

Yes! Combination treatments enhance the overall outcome of your results!  Aesthetic treatments are tailored to your specific needs.

Is there a specific age limit for aesthetic treatments?

Age restrictions can vary depending on the treatment and expected result. Dr. Lessig will realistically assess the concern and advise you on what’s best for you!

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