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Bemer treatment

Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation Therapy

A non-invasive and complementary wellness approach that aims to improve microcirculation within the body. This therapy involves the use of a specialized FDA Class 2 consumer cleared medical device that emits low-level pulsed electromagnetic frequencies. These electromagnetic signals are believed to stimulate the natural processes of blood flow and circulation in the smallest blood vessels, known as capillaries. By enhancing microcirculation, BEMER Therapy seeks to promote the delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and waste removal at a cellular level, thus supporting overall health and vitality. BEMER has garnered attention for its potential benefits in enhancing energy levels, supporting the body’s self-healing mechanisms, and aiding in recovery from physical and mental stress. Dr. Lessig is a firm believer in the many physical benefits of BEMER use and faithfully uses her unit daily!

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